$ 240.00


Our Remnant Collection was inspired and built around things (fabrics, ideas, patterns and prints) that we had. Seeds partially sown but still able to feed and shape us. 

The Una Shirt is a painted version of our Summer's Big Shirt, and boasts a rich paint job that we've been dreaming about for months. The palette pulls from the other pieces in the Remnant Collection, making this shirt the tie that binds it all together. We're in a massive pattern on pattern on pattern phase personally these days, and this painted design is going to be a blast to mix and match (and clash!) with. Alternatively, it's a very stylish option for days when you want to be simple and bold and look like a Boss. 

The Una Shirt is made from a super soft woven cotton and linen blend, the kind of fabric that looks good with a little bit of wrinkle - ideal for taking on journeys near and far. 

The longer back of this shirt makes it ideal for wearing with leggings, and the breezy fit looks good buttoned, worn open, or cinched high tight and tied. 

Hand painted!


70% COTTON / 15% LINEN / 15% RAMIE


Rashmi is 5'9" tall with a 42.5" bust, 36" waist, and 53" hips. She is wearing a L/XL.

Shriya is 5'5" tall with a 32" bust, 25.5" waist, and 38" hips. She is wearing a S/M.