$ 184.00
$ 230.00

Carl, 42

16 miles away


Hey. I'm Carl.  I'm so bad at this stuff. But here we go. 

I guess I'm just looking for someone to do stuff with, take walks, all the cliche stuff. I think I'm a great pair of Pants. I'm sturdy, dependable, and I've been told my color is "really hot in a 'professor' kind of way". I'm practical - two solid swoop pockets in the front to carry parking tickets and what not. But I also like to have a good time. Work hard, play hard. I like to say. 

Previous Mister Pants had elastic all the way around. But I’m a maverick and ditched the front elastic. I think you’re going to like it, it’s a less baggy fit across the crotch, 

To show off my "fun" side, I have some pleats at the ankle that are really cool. It shows I have just the right amount of style, but it's not hitting you over the head like "woahhhh, this Pant is wild!" You know what I mean?

I'm looking for a wardrobe that will love me for me. And we can do some stylish stuff together - the outfit possibilities are endless with a Pant like me. 

I'm cut from a 100% cotton denim, and I'll be a trusty Pant in your life for a long time. Want to give it a shot?



100% COTTON 


Sommer is 5'9.5" with a 49" bust, 47" waist and 54" hips. 

Here she wears a 2XL / REGULAR.

Emma is 5'6" with a 39" bust, 33" waist and 43" hips. Here she wears M / REGULAR.

Hannah is 5'10" with a 32" bust, 25" waist, 35" hips. Here she wears S / REGULAR.