STATE collaborated with r.wood studio in the summer of 2018 to design a set of fun, functional dinnerwear in the spirit of STATE. r.wood, based in Athens, GA, makes minimal and rustic slab-formed pottery. The collab focused on the dynamic between the simple, clean, curved lines of the pottery and the hyper-striking, colorful mark-making that STATE is known for. We created nine different and mix-and-matchable designs.   photos Rinne Allen



Lovelane is a staple within the kids play clothes realm. Their signature pops of color and pattern interacted well with our more painterly sensibility, and the result was breathtaking. STATE made a superhero cape, butterfly wings, and a tiara and cuffs. The limited edition collection sold out in less than a day. 



Ace & Jig is one of a kind.  It was an absolute dream to add surface design to their already-perfect pieces with STATE's bright colors, lines, and patterns. The product was an interaction between the straight lines of a woven textile and the spontaneous STATE marks. We painted 16 dresses, all one of a kind, and the collection sold out within hours!



STATE's first big collaboration was a seriously sweet one. We worked with Land of Nod and Baggu to make an alternative diaper bag for new moms; something with a little more spunk. Each was hand-painted  and each one was a little world of its own.