Saturday, July 20th

10am - 2pm

Join us for our 2nd swap in the new space!  Our first event was a blast and had a huge turnout, and we think this one will be even better!  Bring your friends and show up early.  ;)

We'll have rack of STATE one-offs, weirdo samples, and seconds for cheap! 


We'll have a FREE table where you can contribute clothing you're ready to pass along. Any one who contributes to this table can also take from it!  Please be courteous and only take a reasonable amount.  All items left on the Free Table at the end of the day will be donated to Project Safe.

If you have nicer pieces that you'd rather sell for a bit of money, we'll have a few racks where you can hang pieces for sale. For these, please bring them on a hanger and PRE-LABELED with tape stating the price, your name, and your Venmo handle.  The For Sale items are done so on an honor system, so only leave things if you're ok with that process. We had great luck last time and people shopped and Venmoed amongst themselves. Please pick up your items later on Saturday or on Sunday (we're open Sat 10-6, Sunday 12-4).

For both the Free Table and For Sale items, we welcome Women's clothing, Kid's clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags.