STATE was founded on the principles of having what you need, and using what you have. We’re a scrappy company who does our best to be a good example of responsible production and creative problem solving.


We work with domestic fabric vendors who we trust and who offer responsible materials. Our love of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, wool, hemp, tencel) shows through each collection, and we do our best to select the finest textiles we can find. We use fabrics grown and milled in the USA when available, and constantly try to strike a balance between making the best environmental calls while also making our clothing financially accessible to our customers. We’re always working to tweak our (ever-evolving) approach and to put goods into the world that deserve to be here.


STATE has always been made in the USA and our workforce is the true heart of our company. Our studio employs 6 women (and we’re growing!) who work to cut, sew, finish, paint, dye, and pack our clothing. 70% of our goods are made in-house and in small batches. Depending on the style, our designs are made in batches ranging from 12-60 pieces, and we’re frequently restocking styles that sell out. Every individual who works at STATE earns a fair wage and works in good conditions This is a point of pride here at STATE and the largest motivation for our growth - as the company expands, so does our ability to add jobs and to increase pay. The STATE studio environment is a happy one, employing a community of women who support each other and truly care about the company, our impact, and the products we’re sending out into the world. By investing in our work, you’re investing in our people.

The remaining 30% of our collections are sewn in NYC’s Garment District in a small, family-run cut and sew house that we’ve worked with for almost a decade. They are masters of quality craftsmanship and make our more detailed pieces.

Our Stock Smocks are sewn in Hendersonville, NC in a small cut and sew facility who promotes a working wage and pristine work conditions.


Many of our pieces are surfaced designed, a essential part of the STATE aesthetic, and something that makes each piece feel like it’s a piece of art.  This process is very time consuming as each is painted by hand. Sometimes paint is applied when in its flat yardage state - it’s painted first and sewn into a garment second. Or, depending on the desired effect, some designs can be applied once a garment has been constructed. All painting and dyeing is done in-house in the STATE studio. We use a range of safe textile inks and paints, and use natural dyes when possible. After painting or dyeing, each garment is heat-set, washed and dried.


All STATE pieces are designed to be lived in and worn frequently.

The majority of pieces are washed, dried, ironed, and folded before they leave the studio. Many fabrics shrink when washed and dried. To combat this, we test the shrinkage of each textile we use and build that percentage into each pattern to account for the change in size. We want your purchase to arrive ready to wear, and prefer to have any shrinkage happen on our end! We’re firm believers in garments being able to take a beating, and pre-wash most styles and tumble them to dry.

All pieces should be labeled with care instructions, but always feel free to reach out if you have specific questions.


Our sizing is constantly evolving as we grow, and is something we’re excited to be expanding in the upcoming months and years. As a small company who makes such limited runs of each style, dividing our inventory into sizes is sometimes a challenge. But, our steady growth has allowed us to start offering more specific sizing on our most popular styles and it’s been met with great enthusiasm by both our customers and our staff! We hope to keep adding more sizing to more styles until all bodies feel represented by our brand. If there’s something you’d like to see, or feedback you’d like to give us, we’re all ears! We’re here to make you feel amazing in your clothes, so tell us what you want!


The STATE Studio is one of the happiest workplaces you could find. It’s full of hard working, creative, dynamic, and strong women. On any given day our team is busy sewing, cutting, ironing, emailing, and learning. Our new studio in Athens, GA is flooded with natural light and is the perfect layout for our growing company. We have a large production room with Juki Machines, a 16' long work table perfect for painting, cutting tables, and offices. STATE employs 6 women currently who range from full to part time. We also work with a very select group of interns who are always helping us with creative projects and infusing STATE with fresh new ideas and energy.

In May 2019 we're opening a STATE Store which is in the front of our studio space. It is an evolving showcase of STATE’s aesthetic, collections, and inspiration. It features all of the STATE pieces (plus many samples, one-offs, and sale items not online), as well as lifestyle products from our favorite brands and makers.