Who doesn't need a good looking bandana in their life?! This lightweight, cotton staple can magically transform from a hair accessory (so many ways to style it!), a hankie for cold noses, a necktie to spice up any outfit, or a napkin for messy moments. Stash it in your bag and feel prepared.

Screen printed by hand with the prettiest white flower design that is near and dear to our hearts.

100% Cotton

A note from Adrienne about this print: When I was 13, I spent a few summers with my mom in a cabin in rural Vermont. It was dreamy, we swam in a pond, and watched no TV. I had a flower press and collected every wildflower I could find one summer. The next year, in 9th grade, I started experimenting with screen printing on textiles. The very first screen I made was this floral print. I used the pressed flowers from VT, with all of their gorgeous negative space. I can still remember each flower - even how the dried Queen Anne's Lace smelled. I printed it on everything I could find - pillow cases, old shirts, yardage. And for years now, I've come across those items and thought about what a beautiful print it is. I recently scanned the pillowcase, and we brought the print back to life on these bandanas. It gives me endless joy to think of my awkward adolescent self - in the strangest outfits, constantly making art, feeling like an outcast - seeing this print now, in real life, for sale in a real, legit shop (that's mine!), and fully at home in this body and this brain. And definitely still wearing strange outfits. :)


22" x 22"