It was a cold night. The girls snuck out of the dorm and ran down to the lake. It was one of the few places they could let loose and feel free. Jo was feeling frisky and challenged the girls to a race - one with a twist. Who could swim to the floating dock and back, the fastest. A few brave souls stripped down to their undies and lined up on the dock. The rest of the group cheered them on as they leapt into the black, freezing water. The quiet night erupted in a cacophony of cheering and splashing - the darkness masking who was in the lead. Finally a hand hit the dock, a winner was clear. Frankie, shy little Frankie who barely made a peep, destroyed them all. Her smile reached from ear to ear as the group chanted "FRANK-IE! FRANK-IE!" From that night on, she was called Frankie the Fish. A nickname she was so proud to have, and a nickname that would shape who she would become.

This dreamy Billow Top is made from the softest, gushiest, woven double layer cotton, in a classic plaid. The inside is a handsome railroad stripe that looks extra fantastic when the sleeves are rolled. The gathered, elastic neckline is romantic and comfortable.  Pair this top with a ton of pants and skirts, toss it under some overalls, and feel like a gorgeous farmhand any way you slice it. 


100% Cotton


Taryn is 5'5" with a 42" bust, 38" waist and 55" hips. Here she wears a 2XL.

Grace is 5'10" with a 45.5" bust, 38" waist, and 47.5" hips. Here she wears a L/XL.

Ava is 5'5" with a 31" bust, 25" waist and 36" hips. Here she wears a S/M.