Life is weird right now. 

There are so many people we want to reach out and hug. Moms, friends, grandmas. And while we can't actually hug them, we can send them a package that will brighten their day. 

Introducing STATE SUPER SUPPLY. Curated boxes of our favorite things ready to send to the people you love most (or yourselves, let's be real.)

Our first, the Deep Breaths Edition, was made to help you carve out a time and space for some relaxation. It comes with a STATE hand painted Eye Pillow, our favorite Incense from Yield, and a hand painted box of matches.  These are the supplies we reach for when we need to take a moment and get back to our breath, and it seemed like the perfect first STATE SUPER SUPPLY package to kick this off. 

Perfect for a Mother's Day gift, to send to your best friends, or for yourself if you're needing a jolt in the self care dept.

Each comes in a hand painted shipping box – the first sign that fantastic things are inside. 

We only made a small amount (40!) so grab one fast.  


NOTE: If you'd like to send more than one, please check out separately so we will have correct shipping addresses!