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Inspired by Adrienne's fateful trip to Miami to get her wisdom teeth extracted years ago, the Chlorine Top is exactly what you'd want to wear while lounging on a porch, smoothie in hand. Her trip was a disaster, but the lasting vision of laying on a chaise lounge with a big sun hat persists and partially inspired our Summer collection. The Lanai Top (and Dress) are made from lightweight crepe whose crinkled texture makes for an effortless and ideal Summer piece. The elastic neckline allows for extra drape, and the exaggerated armholes provide maximum drama. This top floats around your body and gives you a very South-Florida-Here-For-Dental-Work vibe.

These size samples were a tad shorter than in the back than the version we put into production, and the elastic neckband caused the hem to fall higher in the back than the front on our fit models. They'd be perfect you out there with shorter torsos!

20% of sales from this piece will be donated to AAPCHOThe Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations. Formed in 1987 by CHCs primarily serving medically underserved Asian Americans (AA), Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (NHPI). The goal of the organization is to create a national voice to advocate for the unique and diverse health needs of AA and NHPI communities and the community health providers that serve those needs.


L / XL
Chest : 58"
Length : 22"
Sleeve Opening : 20"

Chest : 70"
Length : 23"
Sleeve Opening : 22"