$ 70.00
It's a bit of a compulsion: we really want to stand out. We want to wear looks that cause a double-take, and we want to create a space full of objects that are as unique as we are.

Our One-Off Cushion collection is full of totally unique pieces, each featuring fabrics and prints from recent collections. We've brought back archive screen prints, mixed them with new painting techniques, and custom picked the colorful tassel threads! 

And the best thing? When something looks as great as it actually feels.  Such is the case with our cushions. We can't get enough of them: A few are next to the coffee table for floor projects, Merle has one as a much loved dog bed, small circles make a handful of basic/hard chairs much more enticing, and of course there's our entire secret daydream room dedicated to them. The patterns and colors layer on top of each other, making the soft scape a visual delight as well. 

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A SIDE: salmon Lasbury screen print on cream denim from our Mesa Jumper
B SIDE: camel denim from our Terra Swayers

Lil' Circle measures 18" diameter x 4" thick.