$ 250.00


Our Remnant Collection was inspired and built around things (fabrics, ideas, patterns and prints) that we had. Seeds partially sown but still able to feed and shape us. 

The newest Dart Dress revisits one of our favorite silk screens. We hand-paint each silk screen to make our prints feel handmade and imperfect, and this striped screen has been with us for years. We've used it on shirts, pants, and most recently a lamp! We prize ourselves on constantly inventing new (frequently unorthodox) ways to approach surface design and we're so pleased with this current brain blast. Instead of printing this screen as we normally would, we sponged a paint-consistency ink through the screen, saving materials and also giving the print this super irregular quality that we love. How have we never tried this before?!

ALSO - how have we not made a Dart Dress in so long. We're falling in love with this silhouette all over again and are thrilled to add this dress to our styling rotations. Our favorite cotton gauze fabric is overdyed in a soft and earthy tone that grounds the blue stripes. The pleated details at the sleeve and center back add to the drape and shape of this incredibly flattering and timeless dress. 

And of course: two pockets for your essentials.



Shriya is 5'5" tall with a 32" bust, 25.5" waist, and 38" hips. She is wearing a S/M.

Rashmi is 5'9" tall with a 42.5" bust, 36" waist, and 53" hips. She is wearing a S/M.