Scarf Shop



Light as air cotton scarf, that you can drape and style in endless ways. 

Made from a textural, open weave cotton made of fine threads. It creates a volumetric fabric with bounce.

100% hand dyed cotton with raw edges

GIANT size: 54" x 108"

No two scarves will ever be the same.

Machine wash cold, machine dry delicate, color may bleed first few washes.

Our low impact processes utilize chemicals to achieve the desired color of a fabric, but the most harmful chemicals have been excluded from use or produce waste that is considered environmentally safe for release. Our procion dyes (for cotton) are low impact, fiber reactive dyes. These dyes are nontoxic, safe, and eco friendly. They require only low temperature water processing and only salt and soda ash as auxiliary agents. Our natural dyes (for cotton & wool) are clay dyes made of natural and sustainable material mined from soil. They don't use any mordants and operate on a closed loop system. We don't bleach our fabrics.