$ 260.00

Iliariana, 111

6,450,000 light years away 


Two truths & a lie: 

Lunar storms blew a small rock right at me and it knocked out my front tooth.

I lost my virginity on the rings of Suzackk to an Erug

I've eaten Big Mac at McDonalds


A little about me (for real, lol). I'm just a girly girly living in outer space. It's HOT here, so I like to keep things light and airy. I'm made from a gorrrrgrous 100% silk (in my FAVORITE color in the universe - Mint), and I've been told I look like a walking sculpture. (I'm also pretty confident!) 

Even though I'm girly girly, I really like trying new things. Layer me up, layer me down. The world is our oyster. Whatever that is. Never heard of "oyster". 

I've given washing machines a spin, but after a self care journey this last year, I realize I'm just better when I'm hand washed. Or even better - spot cleaned. I promise I'm not high maintenance!!!!!!!!!! But, when you have the finer things in life (ME!) you have to step up and treat me nice. Okkkkk? 

I can't wait to see all the fun we have, and the heads we turn across the galaxy. XO


100% SILK


Sommer is 5'9.5" with a 49" bust, 47" waist and 54" hips. Here she wears a 2XL.

Hannah is 5'10" with a 32" bust, 25" waist, 35" hips. Here she wears S / M.

Emma is 5'6" with a 39" bust, 33" waist and 43" hips. Here she wears S / M.