$ 120.00
They’re giant, they’re a little funny, and they look incredible anyway you use them. Our giant potholders are also made from 100% STATE scraps! Each strip of cotton jersey has been sewn into loops and woven on a comically big potholder loom. Just like the ones we had as kids. 

Each one is totally one of a kind and part of this limited run. 

You can enjoy these in a myriad of ways:

  1. HANG IT!  Use a few nails, or thread a dowel rod through the top and hang it like that!
  2. DRAPE IT! Cover a Scrap Cake with it to give your feet (or bum) some extra cushion, or put it on the seat of your favorite wooden chair. 
  3. PUT CUTE THINGS ON IT! Take your baby’s tummy time to the next level and use it as a very adorable floor mat, or let your kitties sleep in style. 

We know you’ll find even more ways to make these a part of your life, and we can't wait to see.

Measures approximately 29" wide x 29" long.