Instructor: Cynthia Main


Saturday 3-6pm

In this 3 hour workshop, we will learn how to craft beautiful
and useful hand brooms. Information covered includes how to size and select broom corn and tampico, talk about growing and processing your own broomcorn, and teach the ins and outs on how to weave a few styles of hand brooms. Students will walk away with at least one handmade broom. No experience necessary, although some manual dexterity and a beginners mind are helpful!
Instructor Cynthia Main is an artist/maker whose work focuses on relating to land as part of an integral view of a more sustainable society. Cynthia's strong
background in woodworking and traditional craft surfaces in most of her
projects, work that often uses traditional techniques for work that is
collaborative, community building and plays with ideas and movements
around embodiment.  Cynthia learned traditional broom making at Tillers
International in 2013, and has practiced the art ever since. She is currently
lives and works Berea, Kentucky.