$ 220.00
$ 280.00


We made a custom print!!!

You may be surprised to know that this is the First Time we have ever had fabric printed with a custom design on it. We're such hardcore fans of hand-applied surface design, that we always worried printed fabric would not feel like us. It'd be too perfect and machine made. We'll we've dipped our toe into the pond and we're never turning back! We love it. (Well, we did decide to overdye it to give it the presence of "hand" work, lol).

What's even better – YOU picked this print! A few months ago we asked readers of our newsletters to vote on what pattern you wanted in a denim jumper, and this was the clear victor. (The runner up became this Sweatshirt that we adoreee).

This Jumper looks adorable on anyone who tries it on. All shapes, sizes, styles. It's a blast to style and pair with tops over or under. The print is classic and nostalgic and gets cooler with each wear and wash, as the fabric breaks in and looks lived in. We can not wait to see how you style these guys.




Taryn is 5'5" with a 42" bust, 38" waist and 55" hips. Here she wears 2XL - Short.

Niki is 5'2" with a 35.5" bust, 31.5" waist, and 42" hips. Here she wears S/M - Short.

Amanda is 5'6" with a 32.5" bust, 31" waist, and 37" hips. Here she wears S/M - Regular.

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