Hillery Sproatt




We're big advocates of the idea that a blanket is like a soft piece of art. Drape it casually over the sofa, use it as a pop of pattern at the end of the bed, and snuggle deep into it on chilly days.

Hillery Sproatt translates her paintings into textiles. She works closely with a family owned knitting mill here in the USA to produce each and every one of her blankets with thoughtfully sourced sustainable materials and production methods.

They are knit on an industrial knitting machine from 80% recycled cotton and 20% poly, so they can be machine washed and dried. With a deep appreciation for craft and design, Hillery Sproatt translates her paintings into textiles. Her background in fine art coupled with the early influence of her mother, fiber artist and clothing designer Debra Weiss, fueled her love for pattern and textiles. Inspired by Japanese, Scandinavian, and Eastern European design, Hillery's collection of knit blankets are designed to inspire sweet dreams.

62" wide x 48" long