Tin Cup



When we asked our friend Amanda, from Tin Cup, to make some of her paper stars, we weren't prepared for the beauty she'd unleash.

More from Amanda: "I first learned about kite paper stars from a friend who led a few families in a Waldorf morning garden at Arrow, a space I created with my friend, Rinne, here in Athens, GA. I may have gotten more from my time at these sessions than my children did: it brought me back to knitting which I had abandoned as a teenager. It also spoke to my need for handwork and meaningful connection between the head, heart, and hands. Since then, my children and I have made them each year in the Fall / Winter seasons to give as gifts and hang in our own windows. They offer much needed color in the cold and dark months. The special paper is meant for kite making, but is also widely used for these stars and various scenic transparencies. It is translucent which makes for great depth of color when folded in various patterns. They last for ages! We have some on our windows that are several years old and I never tire from looking at them. I have chosen a few of my favorite shapes to make here: the classic rainbow was the first I learned and I love how the colors combine in the center. Pick one out for your home and get inspired to make some of your own!"

Available in many colors and designs. Variants are named for the shape seen in the center when stars are held up to light. See detailed images for reference!


Rainbow : 6.5" diameter
O : 6.5" diameter