$ 260.00


Neon pink linen.

Hand painted squiggles.

Two pockets.

A silhouette that will make you feel like a goddess. 

So many moments will happen when you wear this dress. Allow us to paint some possible scenarios:

1.)  All heads turn to look as you approach the Snack Bar line. "Who is she?" "She must be from out of town."  Quizzical looks up and down as the entire Snack Bar line takes you in. You're eccentric. You're bold. But you're also comfortable and approachable. Everyone wants to be you, but they also want to be your new friend. "Did you see her shoes?" They'll say. You'll take your basket of fries and your Topo Chico and walk back to your chaise. Little do they know, your incredible bathing suit is about to cause a stir too. 

2.)  You're invited to your college boyfriend's wedding. It's ok, you're "friends" now. Happy he's found someone. You pack a few wedding outfit options, but the day is sweltering and you are starting to dread sitting through this wedding. He's now a professional tree cutter / climber, you're not exactly sure but it totally tracks, and their wedding is in the middle of the woods. Ugh. You toss on this hot pink, hand painted dress and start to feel a little better about things. You feel cool, like yourself. You add some vibrant eye makeup to perk yourself up – just a little neon green on the corners. It works. You arrive, get a bubbly drink, see lots of old friends and almost-family. The wedding is actually fun. They repel from trees at the end. It's cute but also cringey. You dance and dance and dance. People keep asking about your dress. It's perfect in the southern night heat, air flowing all around and keeping you cool as you jump and twirl. The pockets hold the room number of a handsome new friend. 

100% LINEN


Che is 5'7.5" with a 31" bust, 26" waist and 34" hips. Here she wears a S / M.

Macey is 5'9" with a 43" bust, 37" waist and 50" hips. Here she wears a L / XL.

Summer is 5'11" with a 34" bust, 28" waist, and 38.5" hips. Here she wears a S / M.