Based off of Adrienne's favorite, tattered, sleep shirt, the Leisure Tee was a labor of love. We tried countless versions attempting to nail the drape, the sleeve size, and the neck opening just right. There were a few times we almost gave up and moved on, but we finally got it. The perfect cut married with the delicious and liquidy 100% Linen knit jersey makes for the dreamiest lounging tee we've ever worn. Adrienne wore the sample to teach a workshop and inevitably got paint on the hem. We liked the splatters so much we added them to the final design in the prettiest shade of blue. It wouldn't be STATE without a little paint, right?

It's made for slouching off your shoulders, tying up into a crop, sleeping in, going out in, and looking the perfect blend of disheveled and sexy - a formula we're always trying to master. 

This shirt was an earlier sample sewn when we were testing out a new attachment for the neck binding, and the stitching is a bit rough on one shoulder, and the neck is wider (easily worn off the shoulder).

100% LINEN

L / XL

Chest : 62"
Length : 26"
Sleeve Opening : 20"