$ 140.00
We made rugs. :)

If you’ve been with us for the long haul, you may remember a limited run of rugs we did years ago for the Secret Catalog. We loved them then, and were always waiting for the moment when we could bring them back into the world.  

Our Lona pattern is an ode to our love of Dutch linework. The cobalt blue design is magical — we’ve placed this rug in a handful of rooms and locations, and it looks incredible anywhere. Use it in the bathroom, by your bedside, or at your entry. 

Each one is hand painted on a fine off white base. The edge is bound with thick stitching, and it has a soft backing. Spot treat any stains or spills. 

MADE TO ORDER. Will ship in 3-4 weeks.

Measures 2' wide x 3' long.