Part of our Little Women, Big Women Collaboration with Brown Parcel Press. This limited edition letterpress card features Mildred Greear and was designed by Megan. This card is from a stationery set that is unlike any we’ve seen (or even created) before so if you’d like to take a deeper dive to learn more about the how and why behind it you can read more on Megan's beautiful blog post here.

The insert for this card reads:

Mildred came into my life when I was 9 years old. When I met her, her children were already grown, and she was a retired teacher, poet, and a homesteader of sorts. She was the first person I ever met you had a flock of hens. On our first meeting we collected eggs together, and she cooked one for me. Seated in her kitchen at a small breakfast table I knew that I was in the presence of someone magical and that I was being let in on two of life’s great secrets: 1) there’s a difference in passing the time with someone, and taking the time to really be with someone, and 2) there aren’t too many things in this world more delicious than a fresh egg scrambled in butter. Mildred is nearly 100 now, and for me she represents the tender strength of so many women who make a difference in this world by taking the time to really be with those around them.”     

-Megan Fowler, Age 33

  • -Letterpress Printed
  • -A2 Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.5"
  • -100% Premium Cotton Paper
  • -Blank Interior w/ Vellum Insert
  • -White Envelope with Red Bow Patterned Liner