We love our Turkish Towels so much, we couldn't wait to explore other uses for them. Our new Painted Throws are essentially massive Turkish Towels that can be used for a variety of activities. The soft cotton makes for the perfect weight, and also the ideal canvas for our painted patterns.

We love spreading them out in the grass for a next-level picnic experience, or tossing them over our white sofa for a new look (and to keep the kid's popsicle drips under control). They are the perfect lightweight blanket for your bed or couch snuggles, and even make a stylish tablecloth. 

We adore our abstract pattern because 1). it's wild and crazy and fun, and 2). it hides stains really, really well. :) 

Our Painted Throws are woven in Turkey and are 100% machine washable / dryable.  So don't be scared to make these a real part of your life. 


Measures 78" x 88"