We love our Turkish Towels so much, we couldn't wait to explore other uses for them. Our new Painted Throws are essentially massive Turkish Towels that can be used for a variety of activities. The soft cotton makes for the perfect weight, and also the ideal canvas for our painted patterns.

We love spreading them out in the grass for a next-level picnic experience, or tossing them over our white sofa for a new look (and to keep the kid's popsicle drips under control). They are the perfect lightweight blanket for your bed or couch snuggles, and even make a stylish tablecloth. 

Our Wilbur pattern marries our two favorite motifs - plaid and dots!  The navy lines are complimented with a brick brown dot for a classic and confident color palette. And to keep things interesting, we snuck in one bright red dot, because we know you like to live on the edge. 

Our Painted Throws are woven in Turkey and are 100% machine washable / dryable.  So don't be scared to make these a real part of your life. 


Measures 78" x 88"

78" x 88"