$ 18.00

So many times, in this past year alone, our hearts have been shattered by the news of another tragic act of gun violence. Perhaps you too cycle through the emotions: deep sadness, anger, and a sense of helplessness. Inspired by our past sock-fundraiser-success ($30K to Stacey Abrams!), we made some new socks. They’re sweet, subtle, and will look great with all shoes. And best of all, you’ll be taking action. Together we hope to donate a giant chunk of change to an organization who is fighting for a safer future. 

All proceeds from these socks will benefit Brady United. Brady is a national organization with a goal of reducing gun violence 25% by 2025. They emphasize education, litigation, and legislation to ensure that every community is safe, not only from mass shootings, but also from the daily toll of gun homicide, domestic violence, suicide, unintentional shootings, and police violence that plagues so many communities. 

Knit in North Carolina.

75% Cotton / 21% Nylon / 4% Lycra

Fits sizes 6-11