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When your brother has a punk band and your mom is cool, you occasionally have punk shows at your house. The next morning, your elegantly wallpapered foyer is stamped with pink splotches from Jordan Wright's pink, sweaty mohawk, tossed around by the mosh pit.

As the little sister, blown away that these cool parties actually happen at your house, this pink splotch is a badge of honor. Evidence that something very, very cool happened in your house.

This super-painty, overlappy, surface technique is a gift for the eyes. The colors blend and layer, tiny atomized bits of paint creating one of the most satisfying textures we’ve made in a long time. To make matters even sweeter, this entire set is made from our fave fabric - the organic cotton and Tencel blend. You know, the one we sing about from the rooftops.

Wear it as a head-to-toe look, break it apart for pro styling, and enjoy these vibrant basics for years to come. Maybe even wear them to a mosh pit (pinky swear you'll send photos.)

28% Cotton / 66% Tencel / 6% Spandex



Taryn is 5'5" with a 42" bust, 38" waist and 55" hips. Here she wears a 2XL / Short.

Jasmine is 5'10" with a 38" bust, 32" waist, and 43" hips. Here she wears a L / Regular.

Chelsey is 5'7.5" with a 31" bust, 26" waist and 34" hips. Here she wears a S / Regular.