Instructor: Amanda Brazier

APRIL 18th

1 pm-4 pm

This workshop explores ancient ways of creating with mineral pigments! By working with earth elements we foster a narrative of place and relationship with the land. Students will spend time with iron-rich rocks and learn about their cultural history. The class will then process the pigments and prepare their own set of six watercolor paints. The day will end with a bit of time to paint with these beautiful colors!

STATE will provide watercolor paper and some brushes. Feel free to bring any paper or brushes you have and enjoy working with. Also, feel free to bring your own gathered pigments to experiment with. 

About the Instructor:

Amanda Brazier is a painter living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her work explores the way folks inhabit shelter and interact with the land. Since 2011, she has been gathering and using local earth pigments within her paintings in order to connect more deeply with the history and material of painting and place.