As much as we adore making beautiful and functional clothing, we love the process just as much. Working out the kinks, problem solving, improving efficiency and precision - this is our jam.

The Monoprint Dress was a joy to design and flesh out. In the early samples we realized we had a lot of excess ink that was getting wasted. And there's nothing we hate more than wasting art supplies!  After a few ideas, we eventually landed on layering a piece of fabric under the dress as it was printed to catch the excess ink, and in the process, make a gorgeous surface design of its own.  Each Pinny is a monoprint - meaning only one print is made and it's totally unique. Watch a video of the process here

And thus, the Pinny Tank was born. 

It's one of our favorite summer styles. It's easy and breezy to wear and can be thrown over anything - wear it braless (we love a little side boob), over a bathing suit, layered over a dress, under a fitted tee... there are endless ways to style these guys. 

The fabric is our fav Hemp / Organic Cotton blend. It's a great weight that will last for years and years, it's a little slubby and textured, and has the perfect amount of stretch. 




Visit these links for more details on measurements and sizing!

Julie is 5'7" with a 40" bust, 36" waist, and 41" hips. Here she wears L / XL with Britches, and S / M with Swayers.

Sommer is 5'9.5" with a 50" bust, 46.5" waist and 57" hips. Here she wears a 2XL.

Alex is 5'3" with a 33.5" bust, 26.5" waist, and 33" hips. Here she wears a S / M.