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We try not to pick favorites, but (shhhhh) this top is it. WOW. Every single person who has tried this on has immediately twirled in a circle and smiled at themselves in the mirror. It feels like a magical sorceress turned a wild flower into a top, and the results are thusly magical. It hangs away from the body in just the right way (especially for hot summer days!) and the ruffle creates the most elegant sloped hemline that looks great with any bottom you pair it with. Made from our new favorite cotton and linen blend stripe, this shirt will be a new favorite for years to come.

45% COTTON / 55% LINEN

Visit these links for more details on measurements and sizing!

Emily is 5'6" with a 38" bust, a 30" waist, and 42" hips. Here she wears a S / M.

Rachel H. is 5'11" with a 50" bust, 45" waist, and 51" hip. Here she wears a L / XL.

Rachel B.  is 5'9" with a 38" chest, 35" waist, and 44" hips. Here she wears a S / M.

Peggy is 5'8" with a 59" bust, 53" waist, and 58" hip. Here she wears a 2XL.

Alex is 5'3" with a 33 bust, 30 waist, and 36 hips. Here she wears a S / M.