Habibi Things



Feel like a Disney princess in these. And not just any DP, one who hasn't even been invented yet. A modern one, full of spunk and opinions, she may even swear. But she also occasionally looks like a goddess and has gorgeous earrings to frame her face. 

They’re dripping in earthy but colorful glass beads and tiny yellow and clear acrylic gems that feel like the perfect start to a stained glass window! An opaque orange sherbet acrylic gem is the center of attention, with the opalescent faux pearls at close second. All beads are sustainably sourced from various thrift shops, art resource centers, and swap meets.

They have been well-loved and there's more to share with each day worn. Black and white evil eye enamel charms dangle to keep your spirit protected. The earring hooks are 24k gold plated brass with plastic disk and gold-tone backing to keep these beauties nice and snug on your ears.

These modern amulets have got you covered! Wear it in good health and with deep intention.

Each HABIBI THING treasure is made with appreciation in Oakland, CA.

Measure 5” long.