$ 240.00

As I'm sure you can imagine, STATE is a pretty odd place. We have a LOT of fun here, and also approach the art of making clothing in a unique (totally made up) way. One great example is how we communicate within the Art Dept. Normal directives like "paint an abstract scratchy line" are replaced with sounds and gestures. "You know like a dikka-dikka-dikka" or "Ts-ts-ts-ts-ts with thick black here", "it needs more unnnnnnhhhh (gestures like a sexy snake) here". Sometimes whole conversations are had with very few actual words, but somehow we all understand the vision. It's a wacky shorthand, one that we laugh about often. 

So, as you can imagine, the Art Dept's debrief on the painting of the Freestyle Swayers was a symphony of sounds and hand gestures – each color and mark ascribed a fitting impression. And the results are beautiful. 

Hand painted and dyed on our fav Organic Cotton and Hemp blend jersey, these Swayers are the perfect mid-weight. Our Freestyle colorway is both soft and electric - tones of mint colliding with neon orange dots and fireworks of dried pigment. Made as part of a limited run, each pair is one of a kind. 



Anna is 5'6" with a 36" bust, 27" waist, and 34" hips. Here she wears a S / Regular.