We'd like to introduce you to your new favorite pants. Made from the Cult Classic Tencel fabric, they feel like liquid comfort on you body. If you're a STATE super fan, you'll recognize these from our Leisure 2020 collection. We brought them back and added an airbrush twist. Wild brown shapes and marks dance on the surface and makes these pants a showstopper. We've had a blast styling them with a range of looks and they just can't look bad. 

28% Cotton / 66% Tencel / 6% Spandex


Taryn is 5'5" with a 42" bust, 38" waist and 55" hips. Here she wears 2XL / Regular.

Chelsey is 5'7.5" with a 31" bust, 26" waist and 34" hips. Here she wears S / Short.

Niki is 5'2" with a 35.5" bust, 31.5" waist, and 42" hips. Here she wears M / Short.

Elena is 5'5" with a 42.5" bust, 34.5" waist, and 45" hips. Here she wears L / Regular.