The minute the temperatures drop, we have an almost obsessive drive to wear as much flannel as humanly possible. Shirts, pants, robes, lined slippers. It's nuts. But it's also not a surprise. Flannel is the BEST.

With these pants, everything you need to know is in the name: Mountain House Swayers. These are exactly the pants you envision yourself wearing on a cabin weekend with friends. You know the vision: where you party late at the bonfire, but still are awake the next day, before everyone else, baking scones and looking cute as hell. You're wearing something rustic but still stylish. And these are the pants. The extra wide leg is perfect for leveling up on Super Cold Days (or for your hike after the scones) and tossing some tights or leggings underneath. And the elastic waist is great for weeks when you overindulge in seasonal pies. We see you. We design for you.



Niki is 5'2" with a 35.5" bust, 31.5" waist, and 42" hips. Here she wears M / Short.

Taryn is 5'5" with a 42" bust, 38" waist and 55" hips. Here she wears 2XL / Short.

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