These pants are sneaky. 

They started as a sketch. Next a sample was made, the color perfected. We think they're cool. But, obviously, there are other wow pieces in the collection that feel like the real stars. Pants like this play more of a supporting role. But, you see, this is where they're sneaky. For weeks they've hung on the rack as the collection builds and takes shape. We think we know these pants. But everything changes the day of the photo shoot. It's their moment to shine.

They come alive with every look they're in.

(*cue inspirational background music*)

And not only do they come alive, but they actually steal the show. They electrify each piece they're paired with. And by day's end, we find our favorite looks starred these pants.

All along they were a star, we just had to give them their moment to show it. 

Hand painted in a wide and messy plaid right here in our studio. Sewn from a fantastic organic cotton and hemp jersey. These pants can serve so many purposes in your closet. They're soft yet substantial and are clearly begging to be shown off. 



53% Hemp / 43% Organic Cotton / 4% Lycra


Liz is 5'10" with a 41.5" bust, 34" waist, and 47" hips. Here she wears a L / Regular.

Niki is 5'2" with a 35.5" bust, 31.5" waist, and 42" hips. Here she wears M / Short.

Audie is 5'4" 

with a 50" bust, 40" waist and 53" hips. Here she wears a 2XL / Regular.