Piera Bochner



Is your house ready for this level of coolness?!

Made by Piera Bochner, an artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Each candle is a unique combination of colors that melt and mix together as the flame travels through the wax. This candle project was birthed from a love of wax and a desire to investigate how wicks, wax, and flames will travel down new and unconventional paths. To create the candles, different colored waxes are individually melted and poured into the molds, waiting for each to cool and harden before adding the next, creating the layered effect. The different mixtures of wax colors combine with the melting power of the flame, and creates endless variations of the original form. The candle becomes both a functional object when its purpose is enacted, as well as an ever-changing sculptural form when inert.

Wax with cotton wick.

6" tall x 7" wide