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These bold, vibrant colored enamel pieces are begging you to mix and match them in unconventional ways. Go crazy! Have fun!

With a 5" diameter, these little guys provide a sweet way to serve olive oil for dipping or would be perfect for dessert :) We like to clash colors and mix these up with dishes we already have in our cabinets. The wilder, the better.  

Bornn enamelware is co-created and designed in Turkey by sisters Basak Onay and Oyku Thurston. Handmade by fusing porcelain onto heavy-gauge steel. Due to its smooth, non-porous surface made of glass, enamel is bacteria inhibiting and is easy to clean!  Avoid wire brushes, steel wool, scouring powder containing sand and cleaning sponges with ceramic particles this can scratch the surface. If using the dishwasher, make sure it's set to a glass washing setting.  Enameled steel is incredibly strong, but the glass top coat will chip if handled too roughly or dropped onto hard surfaces (revealing the steel frame underneath) remember it is still safe to eat from your enamelware dishes even if the steel underneath the glass is exposed :)