Dramatic Developments

October 25, 2022

A few months ago I logged into our on-indefinite-hiatus Instagram account to look for something. Instagram is a real sneaky app, and by logging in I unknowingly reactivated our account. We didn't realize it for days, and immediately scrambled to deactivate it and log out. We got a handful of messages asking if we were really back, and it was sweet to hear how excited some of you were.

A few days later the team got to thinking about it, and how it felt to be back even for that brief and unplanned time. We started to envision a way we could return but still keep the boundaries and peace we've grown to love in our 82 weeks off of social media. It spurred lots of discussions about the guidelines we'd put in place for ourselves so we wouldn't slide right back into staring at our phones for half the day. Our resulting plan is one we feel great about. It allows us to be back on the platform for those of you who are there, and it lets us share our new work, the studio and store, etc.

So, yes, we're back. But in a slightly different way.

Our IG feed will be mostly a simple visual journal of what we're working on. Managing an IG account well takes a lot of time. Something our tiny team doesn't have a lot of. So, we're not checking DMs, and are disabling comments to eliminate the necessity of one of us staying on top of that line of communication. It'll be like a pretty house you can explore, but no one is home. We will, however, always be home over on our website and in our inboxes. Our newsletters and texts will remain the place where we share all of our news and juicy info. And sending us an email or calling us on our old school phone line are still the best ways to chat with us, ask questions, etc. We'll only post on IG when we have an image we really want to share, and we also hope to do a regular OOTD photo roundup to share your tagged posts. We're excited. And a little nervous. It'll be a fun experiment to dip our toes back in, and we hope you'll be happy to have us back. Even if it's in a slightly new way.