Have a Look at our New Autumn/ Winter Collection!

November 1, 2017


Over the past year, STATE has grown at a rapid pace. We've hired five new team members, moved our Studio into a historic structure downtown, curated three editions of the Secret Catalog, and moved and stretched in so many other new and striking ways. 
Our Winter Collection is a reflection, a product even, of that moving and stretching

It marries our love of classic, structured, functional, and durable materials with a touch of nuance, elegance, buoyancy, and slouch.

We're committed to sustainable materials and humane production. We're perpetually curious, however, and have loved integrating some new textiles into our pieces such as Yak, Lyocell, and a divine Japanese Denim.

Each and every piece was sewn ethically, either in our STATE Studio, by one of our seamstresses in Thomson, GA, or by a seamstress at our partner factory in NYC, a small-scale production we've been working with since our Brooklyn days. We know them and trust them. 

We've focused on making pieces you can wear every single day of your life. Winter means many things, but to us, it's a time of internality. We stay inside (mostly), we read, we write letters, we make big dinners, we let the light run out and then burn candles, we bathe, we sleep with oodles of blankets, we wear socks (sometimes more than one pair), we layer, we look for color anywhere we can find it, we listen to music that doesn't have words, and we plan for what is to come. These are the clothes you can and will want to wear to do all these things. 

STATE's Autumn/ Winter Collection is available to view and shop here

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