A Gift Guide, STATE's Way

December 11, 2017

We couldn't let this season pass without rounding up our favorite gift ideas. All of these goods come from small, human-owned businesses that we know, love, and trust. We think it's important, if possible, to spend our money with ethical businesses that hold themselves to sustainable practices, employ folks who are treated right, and think about the future of art, commerce, and economy. 

The Self-Care Guru 

Boy Smells Votive Set // Imbari Bath Towel // Pansy Co. Bra // STATE's Marbled Robe


The Homebody



East Fork Mug // Blackbird Incense Pires // A New York Times Subscription // Hansel from Basel Cheetah Socks // STATE Midnight Duster paired with the Vintage Shirt Dress and our Perfect Pants - a trifecta of STATE's recent Winter Markdowns 


The Mover and Shaker

STATE Marbled Hearth Dress // In & Of painted silk bandana // Erin Considine Shale Choker // A New Yorker Subscription // Neva Opet's Millie Fanny Pack 


The Instagram Mom

STATE Potters Coat in Japanese Denim // Haptic Lab Crane Kite // Blexbolex's SEASONS // STATE Schlepper // Rudy Jude Karate Jacket 


For more gift ideas, visit our Secret Catalog Market. It's full of affordable, fun, fantastic goods made by our favorite people.