Little Studio Moments

October 27, 2021

Any business, big or small, goes through many cycles of growing pains. Especially a business who has survived 2020 and is now watching the dust settle in 2021, wondering how to move forward.

We moved into our building almost 3 years ago. We were a much smaller team - only 4 of us, and today there are 10! We're bursting at the seams, and the logical feeling is to




It's a very attractive idea to lean into. That's what you're supposed to do when running a business, right? We've been wrestling with some of these big decisions lately - but recently tapped the breaks and sloooooowed ourselvessssss doooownnnn. In the whirlwind of wanting more and better, we so easily lost sight of what we have, and how wonderful it is. 

We spent the last weekend cleaning our current space and moving out out some fixtures and clutter. The makeover was a major success and it feels like a whole new space.  The team has a new pep in their step, and we're reminded that "You Have What You Need", a favorite motto around here.

We wanted to share a few of our favorite details of this space - one we're very lucky to call home. 


Miniature collection in the office. 

Abby painted this pencil sharpener for Adrienne's birthday and it's unreal. 

View from Adrienne's desk. 

All the pieces we cancel from our lineup. We love this little collection of outcasts. 


We're working on something very weird and fun for the holiday store line up. 


Always looking back to see where to steer the ship forward. 



CC added quote bubbles to this poster above the prep station to keep the Prep Team sharp and on the ball ;)


Handmade paper flowers in the shipping dept.