Live in STATE, literally.

November 11, 2023

It’s our immense pleasure to share that STATE now offers interior design services: for residential or commercial spaces intended to inspire, stand out, and envelop you with texture, color and pattern.

Our guiding dream has always been to create without limits. To design and make everything in our environment: what we wear, what we sit on and how we sit, the exact right light whether it’s day or night, the art on the walls, the rugs we walk on, and the blankets that keep us warm — all in service to living a creative, expressive, and meaningful life.

Work with our team to design a space from scratch, or to transform an existing one. We’re open to jobs of all shapes, sizes, and locations.


Email us - sales (at) statethelabel (dot) com - anytime to talk more. 
 We can’t wait to collaborate with you.