Look of the Week - 1

August 5, 2017

artist and designer of STATE

DRESS / DUSTER: I save everything and my closet is basically a timeline of STATE's evolution, and this outfit is a great example of that. I've been living in the early samples I made of our Casa Dress when we were tweaking the design. Just like the styles we sell now, they drape luxuriously, are forgiving, and make you feel elegant while also comfortable, like you're still in your PJs. Speaking of PJs - this robe. As a mom to a high energy toddler, I don't do much stylish weekend lounging in my robe (how I imagine our customers wear them). Instead, I wear mine out and about as a duster. Still lounge-worthy and also a bit glamorous – especially here in our small southern town!  
BOOTS: Today it's overcast and I took that to mean "fall", lol, as I'll take any tiny excuse to wear my boots. They're part of my uniform and I have had only two pairs in ten years. They're made by the amazing west coast company Cydwoq, who hand-makes all of their shoes in the USA.

STAPLES: a high bun to hide my bangs, which are growing out, and my baby bump (almost 6 months now!). Red lipstick was just for you, a grand illusion to distract you from the bags under my eyes. Is it working!?