New Studio / Textile Classes

January 26, 2017

When STATE moved into its new studio space in downtown Thomson, GA a hand-full of months ago, we did so with several goals in mind.

 First, that we had a space that could afford us our desire to expand production and bring sewing in-house.

Second, that we had space for the Secret Catalog to grow into its own entity.                


And third, we wanted to give this beautiful community something in return for being so welcoming to us when we first moved here two years ago.

 I've always thought of STATE as a collaborative effort and been happiest when working with friends and people I respect. Now we have a chance to make STATE a collaboration between a clothing company and a community. Since moving to rural Georgia, I've been interested in bringing STATE's center of gravity to rest here, meaning that all of my smocks and as much of my clothing as possible is sewn here by a small batch of ladies. Now, the STATE team is working to use our platform to show all of you some of the amazing goods that are made here- regionally- and to make those goods available to the Thomson community at large.

 We are excited to announce that STATE's storefront will be opening within a matter of weeks! We will house our STATE collection, some of our favorite must-have goods from the Secret Catalog, and a host of other finds. We’re sending out the call, though, to those of you who live and make regionally. We want to know about you so that we can show our community what you do.

It’s a frightening and uncertain time for many of us, and we intend- in every way- to show up for our fellow small business makers; whether you have a bizallion instagram followers or you’re a grandma who crochets in her free time, reach out to us and show us what you do. We want to show others.  

 Which brings us perhaps the most exciting piece of this new pie: STATE classes. Creativity is a lovely antidote to fear, and we want to spread creative thought, exploration, and action as far as we can. We will be hosting a series of classes for adults and children at the new STATE studio; from indigo tie dye to batik, felting to marbling, come hang out with us, learn a new skill, and fortify your innovative spirit.

Photos by Isabelle Selby.