Our Best Idea Yet?

April 3, 2024

As a clothing company who cuts and sews our garments in house, we make a LOT of fabric scraps. And we're proud to say that since day one, we've saved every last bit, letting the scraps inspire us to make new products and solutions to repurpose the "waste".

We've come up with lots (and lots) of ideas, but our favorite scrap design to date is, without question, our Scrap Cakes.

Each footstool (called a "Scrap Cake" because making one feels like baking a layer cake) uses 20-25 lbs of fabric scraps! And the best part: the scraps can be any size, shape, and type, which makes ALL of our off-cuts eligible for reuse, not just the big pieces (pretty genius, if we do say so ourselves.)

It took us years to tweak our system, and now we're humming along. Each is made one at a time, right here in our studio (by Susan – the greatest human around.)

In 2023, we repurposed just under 1,500 pounds of our scraps this way - literally every scrap we created was transformed into a new functional item.

And the best part?! You don't even need to know the backstory of a Scrap Cake to appreciate how DELIGHTFUL they are. We have multiple in our lives and they are used everyday in so many ways.