reSTATE tips + tricks

May 12, 2022


In honor of our new STATE resale platform, reSTATE, we wanted to share some basic tips and tricks to posting items online to sell. Good photos make a massive difference in how quickly items sell, so keep reading if you think you could use some pointers!

1. Find the piece you want to sell. This could be something you haven't been reaching for as much in your closet. A piece that doesn't fit anymore. Or maybe your style has evolved! The beautiful thing about reSTATE is that you can choose to get either cash or store credit. So either way, the future is looking bright!


2. Wash your item! Get it looking SHARP. Maybe give it a lint roll. Snip any loose threads. Replace a missing button. And give it an iron or a steam. These steps are not the most fun, but will go a long way in your item looking fresh and ready to get back out there. 


3. This is the fun part. Think about how you're going to style your piece. Our favorite go-to shot is so simple. Just pop a nail (push pin, sewing pin, screw!?) in the center of a white wall. The best walls have some kind of natural light *very important*. It could literally be a wall in your garage -- no one will know! Just think WHITE, WALL, LIGHT.
Next, pick a cute hanger. We love minimal wire ones, and have occasionally spray painted hangers, wrapped them in washi tape, etc, just to spice them up. If you're going for a simple wall shot, the hanger is the only other element other than the garment, so it sets the aesthetic tone. Keep your eyes peeled at thrift and antique shops for cool hangers, or check out ebay and fall deep into that blissful rabbit hole. 
4. Take your shot! Wide, straight on, and with lots of natural light. A camera phone should do the trick, but it'll most likely need some editing to make sure it pops.  We use the VSCO app on our phones, but even the editing tools in iphoto work well. The main elements to tweak are the Brightness and Contrast.  Also use the Crop tools to cut out anything that's infringing on your shot. 
See what a difference it makes?!?!?
5. Be sure to get some details so potential buyers can see the fabric up close and other details you think are worthy of sharing.  
6. Lastly, get a shot of the piece on a person. It could be you, your neighbor, your BFF, whoever! Seeing clothes on a body really helps.  Use the same white wall for continuity, if you're really wanting to hit a home run.  



7. Write a great description. List any issues the piece may have (holes, stains, tears, etc.) Also note all the things you love about it. We love talking about how to style pieces, and the seasons it's most suited for. 
8. POST IT!    Nice work!