Saturday Style

June 1, 2021

Adrienne (and Edla and Merle) style the new Raglan Tee and Wrap Pants a few fun ways this last Saturday. 



The Raglan Tee paired here with the Flutter Skirt / Ahoy. With Merle wearing his bespoke dog tee to match. 


Edla desperately wanted to match Merle so we stopped at the studio to make her a dress on our way to brunch. 


It was too much for mom to match too, so Adrienne changed outfits to appease the child stylist. 



Now wearing the Wrap Pants in Lenny with a bright red vintage tee that says "STARFISH"  


What a day. Naps all around.


Photos by BFF and Edla's godmother, Boo Gilder.