Social Break :)

April 1, 2021

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen our big announcement. Or, maybe you missed it and wonder where our page went?  Below is what we shared a few days ago when we decided to take an experimental break from social media. We're excited and it feels great so far. Stay in the loop by signing up for our newsletters. We have some realllly fun things cooking over in that dept. 


This is something I've wanted to do for a long time but have been nervous to actually do it. But, here we go... For a long time, we've felt, as a studio, that social media is not good for us as humans. The topic comes up often at lunch – most of our team has deleted their personal accounts – and more and more, we're taking breaks from our phones. And it feels great. The @Halliebateman essay in the catalog about her flip phone was the last push we needed.

So, we're trying an experiment. We're temporarily disabling our IG account starting tomorrow. We'll still send out fun emails, and we'll use YouTube for Styling Videos and BTS stuff. We're even working on a reg 'newspaper' email where we'll share things we'd usually share on IG! It'll come to your inbox and if you're interested, read it. Or, save it for later. Not only do we want to spend less time staring at our phones, but we also don't want to be a reason you can't do that too.

It's a terrifying move for a business to go off social media - it's easy to share info to let you know about launches. And it's wild how quickly a post can generate sales - why every business is on here, posting and running ads. But we hope there's another way, and we're gonna try and find it.

And, there's a great chance this experiment may be a total failure, and we'll come back. Lol. We'll miss your outfits! We'll miss memes! But we genuinely hope all of that is replaced with a sense of peace and presence that's been missing in our lives. (& my kids never again say, "Mom, put down your phone!")

It's the perfect time to try this- the @secretcatalog goes live on Friday, and we'll spend the next month busy making orders. We have wild plans for the future of STATE, something we'll share in our emails. After the SC collection, we're shaking things up, & we hope you like the direction we're going. It's an effort to connect more with our intentions and impact and to be sure the company is in line with the lives we want to be living. A big and beautiful shift that's been brewing for some time.

So, sign up for our emails! And please be in touch. We - you and will see you on the other side (your inbox).