STATE of Mind / Big and Small

August 2, 2020


Hi, I'm Adrienne and I collect miniatures. I recently bought a dollhouse-sized box of Cheez-Its. It was about 1" tall and filled with something that rattled when you shook it. Like tiny crackers were actually inside. I patiently waited for it to arrive in the mail and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I thought I placed it on the counter for safe keeping, but later that night I couldn't find it anywhere. I rarely treat myself to unnecessary presents, and this was definitely unnecessary. Nevertheless, I was crushed

We looked everywhere, but a teeny weensy box of Cheez-Its is easy to lose. I gave up hope. A few days later, it was discovered in the dryer, having been washed in my pant's pocket. It was shriveled and worn, almost unrecognizable. Like a piece of dried gum. My family had a good laugh – mystery solved! – and we decided to display it proudly on our mantle anyway. 

Small moments like these – literally small in this case – seem so much bigger these days. It's the stuff that makes up our lives. However scary, uncertain, mundane, frustrating, and wild these times are, it's our time (something 150,000 people and counting don't have anymore) and I'm so grateful. In a few years, I'll look at that ridiculous and shriveled Cheez-It box and so clearly remember these long and precarious days awaiting something special only to have it turn out differently than expected.  

. . .

As I sat down to work on this issue of STATE of Mind – a series that feels like a love letter to all of you – I found it nearly impossible to get started. So much has happened in the last few weeks. And to address the current social and political landscape seemed like a task too large for a newsletter from an indie fashion company. From the Black Lives Matter movement to worldwide protests fighting for equality, to armed military in our cities' streets. What could we possibly say here that matters or motivates or helps fight this fight? I wasn't sure, so I told you a story about my tiny dollhouse Cheez-Its. It's a common mechanism we all use to deflect from the important stuff. But so much is important right now. In some ways, I hesitate to use our platform to speak on these bigger issues for fear of it feeling opportunistic or performative or for taking up valuable space for the Black Lives Matter movement.  

But I do want to tell you that here at STATE, these last few months have been profound. We've reexamined our actions and future actions as a company and are more motivated than ever to make our tiny corner of this Earth one of diversity, inclusion, and equality. We are always trying to lift others up and will continue to do so with even more grit and energy. We'll be rolling out some permanent ways in which we give back to various causes that are in line with our values as a company (more on that soon!). We'll be shining a light on makers in our region without access to social media and the internet and will be sharing their amazing work with you and offering it in our shop. And in the next few weeks, we'll begin expanding our team with diversity at the forefront. (Need a job? Stay tuned!) We're invigorated by this focus and will keep it burning as long as we're a company participating in the world. Thanks for being here, supporting what we do, and helping us reach even further.

In love and miniatures, 



Anywhere but here?

Craving an escape? This brilliant website should do the trick for a few minutes. Travel across the world and experience life outside someone else's window. 

Basket Club

Our favorite Instagram lately. Each week a batch of international artists are given a basket making prompt inspired by an emoji. The results are genius and make us want to quit it all and make baskets full time. See for yourselves. 

What to do when I'm gone. 

This touching book was released a few years ago but feels extra poignant right now. It's heartbreaking and sweet and real. Artist Hallie Bateman wrote this book with her mother. It's about moving on with life after her mother passes one day, an instruction manual on how to live without her. In these heavy times when we're all surrounded by mortality and fear, this book provides a little light.  See an excerpt here, and more of Hallie's work here

Game over.

Ben and Jerry know exactly how we're all feeling lately and decided to throw us a bone. They've just released their cookie dough recipe, which is perfect for eating raw by the spoonful. Good thing most STATE pants are elastic. We got you. :)

Construction Fails

Shout out to my dad for forwarding me this link which is actually pretty hilarious. So good in fact, I'm sharing it here with you. Maybe the state of the world is lowering my content bar, or maybe my Dad just really nailed this one. You be the judge