Hello, Frock

October 23, 2017

Last week we released a piece we've been developing for a couple months: The Frock

The Frock is unique because it is meant to work with most STATE garments, like Origami Pants or the Casa Dress, and can also stand on its own as a diverse, fun-to-layer garment that wears well in any season. 

Here's how we made it:

The Frock has a number of attributes that we love, and hope you do too ...


The Frock is long:

So long you can wear it as a dress. 


The Frock is diverse:

We love layers. The Frock buttons all the way up and can be worn as a dress or a duster. 


The Frock is sewn in Georgia: 

The Frock is hand sewn by our Ladies here in Thomson, GA. That means that the entire lifecycle of the Frock takes place within 30 miles. 


The Frock is unisex:

It works for any and all body types, and we supply measurements for each one.  


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