$ 350.00



We’ve dreamed of making these for years.

If you’re a long time STATE follower, you know we’re constantly cooking up ideas of how to further the life of our fabric scraps. In fact, few things get us as excited and inspired, and our new Scrap Cakes may be our favorite solution yet. 

We spent the last few months perfecting a covered Scrap Cake, and we’re pretty damn proud of it. Our 3 new styles have been made in limited batches, meaning that there is a small run of each design and each one is part of that edition. We’ll periodically launch new styles and combos with each new Interiors collection, but these styles will only happen once. 

We feel like this one checks all the boxes. It’s covered in a classy black and white denim railroad stripe fabric (check for the minimalists), and paired with multicolored and multi-pattern straps to take it to the next level (check for the maximalists). And it's finished off with a turquoise base and 4 different colored bun feet. This Cake is a party in disguise (check for anyone with a pulse). 

Part of a limited run in each style, so grab them while they’re here. 

Use as a footstool, extra seating, or just for decor. They make any room look instantly cooler, we promise. 


Want to know how they’re made? 

The inside of each Scrap Cake is a time capsule of STATE collections. On average, each Cake uses 20-30 lbs of our fabric scraps that we create when making our clothing line. We've been perfecting this idea for a looooong time and we’re over the moon that this product can truly mean we’re fully repurposing our fabric cut-offs, and are pretty darn close to being zero-waste.

We’ve calculated that if we made 2 Cakes per week we could fully repurpose our scraps and operate as the seamless, waste-less, sewing shop we’ve always aspired to be.  *We’ve actually saved every scrap of fabric the entire time we’ve made clothing, and this first big collection of Cakes is made from the past 3-4 years of scraps! We’ve literally had dozens of bags of scraps hidden around the studio just waiting for the moment when our Cake invention was perfected and ready to be put into production. 

They’re stuffed and bound with industrial woven strapping. A tricky process and one we do by hand. Inside, the scraps layer like strata, and outside the shape is transformed into sculptural furniture. They’re finished off with a locally made wooden base that hides the closures, and sweet little wooden bun feet. 


Pro Tips:

We've tested the heck out of these guys, and wanted to offer a few tips for making them last a lifetime. They make great foot rests and seats! We have many in the office and they're our guest's favorite spot to sit. Cakes are probably not an ideal structure for a Floor is Lava game in your living room, though we have tried many times. And try not to carry them by the straps, instead lift them from the wooden base. 

Each Cake is made by hand and is a true work of art. Each has quirks and we love them just the way they are.

Measures 19” X 19” X 12” high (including feet)